The Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog.

the best wordpress plugins 2016

Using a blog to promote your business is a lot of fun. However, over time you will notice annoying bugs/issues that can seriously affect your workflow. Luckily, Wordpress offers a range of incredibly useful plugins – finding them can be difficult though: There are thousand plugins in the official Wordpress directory already alone! So how can you be certain which plugin … [Read more...]

File Formats Explained: PNG, EPS And More.

how to optimize images for better search engine rankings, logo file formats explained

If you are thinking about running a blog or improving the online presence of your business, you will definitely need to learn how to properly use graphics and images. Furthermore, choosing the right file type is just as important. What I mean by that? In order to have a successful online presence, writing quality content is only one half of your job. You also need to make … [Read more...]