The Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog.

the best wordpress plugins 2016

Using a blog to promote your business is a lot of fun. However, over time you will notice annoying bugs/issues that can seriously affect your workflow. Luckily, Wordpress offers a range of incredibly useful plugins – finding them can be difficult though: There are thousand plugins in the official Wordpress directory already alone! So how can you be certain which plugin … [Read more...]

Keyword Research: A Beginner’s Guide

keyword research, a beginner's guide to seo best practice

Writing a blog is a lot of fun but no matter how inspired you are, people are supposed to be interested in reading it. Since writing articles takes a lot of dedication and effort, you don't just want to write about anything. The magic word is Keyword Research. Here's the thing: If no one is interested in your content, all your time commitment and opportunity costs are … [Read more...]

The Best Image Optimization Tips For WordPress in 2015.

image optimization tips, wordpress help

Everyone who runs a blog will use images in their articles sooner or later. They enhance the visual aspect and it is proven that posts with a great text structure and a correct usage of images perform much better than "text-only" posts. Depending on your Wordpress theme and the importance of images in your posts, you will eventually encounter a problem though. Images … [Read more...]