SMART Goals in 2016

how to define smart goals

We are probably all familiar with the problem: In the beginning of the year it's easy to brainstorm goals and resolutions. However, as the year progresses, we tend to "forget", or rather avoid them. Why is it that we have such a difficult time sticking to achieving our goals? Most of the time, it's because our goals are not smart. And by smart goals, I'm really refering to … [Read more...]

Gmail Tips: Organize Your Inbox!

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I have a question for you: How much do you actually know about Gmail? Truth is, there are quite a few essential options and features available. Surprisingly though, a lot of people are not aware of them. Here's a secret... These Gmail Tips Will Make Your Life Easier! Personally, I didn't research a lot of the available settings in the past either – what a … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Morning Routine For More Productivity.

entrepreneur morning routine for more productivity

As an entrepreneur, your daily schedule requires you to invest all of your energy and passion into your work. However, balance is very important and you should definitely pay attention to your health and make sure to find a healthy mix between work and regeneration. Therefore, you are probably wondering: What can I do to improve my daily schedule and productivity? You … [Read more...]

8 Exceptional Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs.

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We all deal with procrastination in our everyday life. Some people suffer from it more frequently than others but the truth is: There are solid ways to overcome your procrastination patterns without investing too much effort. Sounds too good to be true? Let's have a look. Good And Bad Habits. Habits can be either a blessing or a curse. Most of the time we don't even … [Read more...]