File Formats Explained: PNG, EPS And More.

how to optimize images for better search engine rankings, logo file formats explained

If you are thinking about running a blog or improving the online presence of your business, you will definitely need to learn how to properly use graphics and images. Furthermore, choosing the right file type is just as important. What I mean by that? In order to have a successful online presence, writing quality content is only one half of your job. You also need to make … [Read more...]

The Best Image Optimization Tips For WordPress in 2015.

image optimization tips, wordpress help

Everyone who runs a blog will use images in their articles sooner or later. They enhance the visual aspect and it is proven that posts with a great text structure and a correct usage of images perform much better than "text-only" posts. Depending on your Wordpress theme and the importance of images in your posts, you will eventually encounter a problem though. Images … [Read more...]