What I Learned From Reading The E-Myth Revisited.

e-myth revisited book summary

It's 2016 and I finally finished the first post of a new content series: Book Summaries! Today, I'm going to introduce a new format where I will be talking about favorite books and what I've learned from them. In order to keep the length acceptable, I will only focus on a selection of the most important key elements. This episode is about: The E-Myth Revisited Why Most … [Read more...]

Buy Websites: 9 Places To Buy And Sell Websites.

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Have you ever dreamed about owning a successful online business but you simply didn't have the time or means to establish one yourself yet? Maybe you are the owner of a successful website and you are looking for potential buyers in order to sell your business for capital? Whatever applies to you: Website Investment will be of your interest! Luckily, there are … [Read more...]

How To (Actually) Grow Your Business.

tips on how to grow your business, business expansion

Most startup businesses take the same actions when they are getting started: They study their craft, they build a website to offer their products/services, they promote their business through social media AND finally, they wait for clients. Look: While all of these steps are essential for a successful business, there is one aspect in the points that are being mentioned … [Read more...]

8 Reasons Why Your Business Stopped Growing.

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Every business has it's ups and downs but what to do when everything seems to stagnate? There are a lot of reasons that can crush the growth of your business and today I'm going to introduce you to eight reasons that affect a lot of entrepreneurs and how to solve them. 1. A Poorly Executed Low-Price Strategy. There is a common misconception with trying to be the lowest … [Read more...]

5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Needs To Answer

five questions for entrepreneurs, advice for startups

Do you have trouble establishing your business? Have you ever asked yourself why your business just doesn't seem to grow? Keep reading because you just might encounter an unconvenient truth. There is a common problem, that many startup entrepreneurs share: They can't even answer the most fundamental questions regarding their own business! 5 Questions Every Entrepreneur … [Read more...]