Best Royalty Free Music For Business

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If you ever created a promotional video for a project, you will know the struggle: Research, editing and adding the right effects are just a few of your tasks if you want to create a professional presentation. However, a video needs more than just the visuals. Suitable music is oftentimes even more important when it comes to creating the right atmosphere. Luckily, … [Read more...]

How To (Actually) Grow Your Business.

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Most startup businesses take the same actions when they are getting started: They study their craft, they build a website to offer their products/services, they promote their business through social media AND finally, they wait for clients. Look: While all of these steps are essential for a successful business, there is one aspect in the points that are being mentioned … [Read more...]

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Business.

five mistakes to avoid when starting a business. entrepreneur tips and career advice.

Starting a business is definitely not easy and it comes with a risk, but there are certain key mistakes that every entrepreneur needs to avoid at all costs. Luckily, there are a lot of great resources regarding this very topic and I made the effort to compile a list of the most crucial mistakes that you should never make. Let's go! 1#: Don't Forget To Think About Your … [Read more...]

Start A Business With No Money In 2015.

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A lot of people are interested in starting their own business but one of the common replies that I get is: "I have this great idea but I don't have the necessary income to make it happen" While it's true that great savings, generous investors and wealthy family members can make a huge difference when starting your company, not having any money is no excuse either. Don't … [Read more...]

5 Important Qualities That Make You A Great Leader.

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Many people think that the ability to be a leader is something you are either born with or without. Truth is: Everyone can learn how to be a leader and improve their skills. Leadership is an important aspect of running a successful business. Having a idea is great but assembling a team of motivated individuals to execute that vision is one of the most crucial elements of … [Read more...]