Why You Need A Productivity Planner

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We have all been there:

You wanted to prepare for a big project and envisioned every task, step by step.
However, somehow you can’t seem to come up with a clear work structure at all while the deadline is approaching fast. The result: Confusion, Less Results and Procrastination.

It’s a common theme: We think too much but do too little. Luckily, there is an amazing solution for one of mankind’s oldest problems: What you need is a Productivity Planner!

Why You Need A Productivity Planner

Before I actually provide you with one of these bad boys, it is mandatory to understand why you really need to schedule your upcoming work and most importantly, prioritize.

Did you know that according to a recent study by nice.com, 45% of the work time is wasted due to surfing the internet? That’s almost half of your working time!

The reasons are different:

We often tend to procrastinate and pay attention to other activities because we feel not challenged enough.
Some people give in to distractions because of long hours at work and others are simply bored or unsatisfied.

I’m sure one of the above reasons applied to you as well one time or another. I know it affected me before.

The solution is so simple though!

Determining & prioritizing your upcoming work does not only increase your productivity, but furthermore motivate you to do better. Sometimes, all we need is a clear vision.

Why? Because you know exactly when you are going to be finished with all of your work – It’s right in front of your eyes, written on your Productivity Planner.

How A Productivity Planner Works

There are no specific rules on how to maintain a productivity planner, however the most common ones feature at least three columns:

Projects, People and Priorities.


It is recommended to choose between 1-3 big projects that you want to keep track of at a time.
The duration for each of these projects can last as long as you need or your deadline allows you to.
Just make sure to actually determine a time frame or otherwise you will end up in the procrastination loop.

Next step is to determine five tasks that need to be completed in order for you to move this project forward.

You will not only get a better understanding on what needs to be done, but furthermore you are actually thinking about ideas on how to proceed, which will train your skills on how to solve problems.


You should always keep track of the people that you are still waiting on and those that you need to reach out to.
What better opportunity than doing so for your productivity planner? Thougth so.

Think about all of the people in your network that still owe you a reply in order for you to complete a task.
You will most likely be surprised about the result, since most of us tend to forget about it.


Last but not least: Work out priorities that need to be finished today, no matter the situation.
Again, this will increase your problem solving skills tremendiously, as you will focus on what’s important.

At the end of the day, check your list and see what you accomplished. This should become one of your main habits quickly, because it creates the right mindset for you to be successful and efficient.

Productivity Planner | Download

Finally, here is the download link for a free productivity planner that I created for you.
Simply print it out and fill in the information.

Free Download: Productivity Planner.pdf


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