The Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog.

the best wordpress plugins 2016
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Using a blog to promote your business is a lot of fun.
However, over time you will notice annoying bugs/issues that can seriously affect your workflow.

Luckily, WordPress offers a range of incredibly useful plugins – finding them can be difficult though: There are thousand plugins in the official WordPress directory already alone!

So how can you be certain which plugin to use for your blog?

Today, I introduce you to 5 of the best WordPress plugins, that are not just amongst my personal favorites, but furthermore prove their quality with their ratings and compatibility.

Let’s have a look:

SEO Plugins.

Unless you own a high-end premium WordPress theme which offers search engine optimazitation options right out of the box, read further:

1# All In One WordPress SEO.

This plugin has many essential features and is very light-weight (which is a plus).
I used All In One WordPress SEO in many different blogs before and I’m very pleased with the results.

It is considered to be a favorite amongst many people, so definitely check it out if you haven’t already.


This aspect is often overlooked by many blogs and websites:
Wordpress Security plugins can help you to protect your site from many different security threats.

Considering the amount of plugins out there, which one is the best?

The plugin that impressed me the most so far, is WP Security.

2# WP Security.

I simply love it: WP Security offers a very easy & intuitive dashboard layout while offering a range of vital security measurements which are especially important for WordPress installations:

Database Security, Spam Prevention, Maintanence tools and many more!

While this plugin provides several settings and options for advances users, it especially shines with a fast initial setup:

The Critical Feature Status allows you to enable or disable the 4 most vital settings right away by a click of a button! Please be aware that the “Limited Login” function can also affect yourself in case you enter your password wrong several times. This particular feature should only be activated if you are certain of your login credentials.

If your website still lacks a proper security plugin, don’t hesitate to check out the full description at the official plugin page.

3# Contact Form 7.

This is probably the most used contact form plugin of all times.
It is light, has little to no bugs and best of all:
A lot of WordPress themes even support visual adjustments for Contact Form 7.
You don’t even have to worry about any design issues either.

4# Hyper Cache

A fast loading website has many advantages.
Recently, Google even announced that they will pay more attention to the website speed in regards of SEO.

A fast and easy solution is a so called “cache system”.
Hyper Cache is such a system, which will optimize your WordPress installation.
This plugin is a favorite amongst many and will boost the speed of your website.

5# Simple Custom CSS

If you are a little bit more tech-savy and want to adjust HTML or CSS code, this plugin is for you. Unfortunately, editing the raw code of your WordPress theme is not easy and also not recommended in most cases.

In case you are not using a child theme for adjustments, try Simple Custom CSS.
This plugin will allow you to change basic code without touching a single line of the raw files!

Upon saving, your changes will overwrite the previous settings and they can easily be reverted by deleting the line of code!

What are the best wordpress plugins in your opinion? Any recommendations?
Let me know in the comments below!

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