How To Land Your First Client.

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We all know that every start is difficult.
However, your first client as an entrepreneur is so important:

You need clients to build your portfolio, your confidence or simply jumpstart your career.

Most entrepreneurs face one common problem though, which can influence your ability to land that first job – your own expectation.

We live in a world, where degrees are oftentimes valued higher than real life experiences.
However, as an entrepreneur, you will need to make a lot of life changing decisions.

Therefore, it’s not uncommon at all for self-employed people to not have a degree, since many start their business in times of uncertainty.

Do I Need A College Degree?

Don’t get me wrong: Knowledge is power. Educating yourself is part of life which will always be important. You will always benefit from improving your knowledge.

However, a lot of people these days are self-taught and it turns out to be one of the most valued assets of entrepreneurs.

Beeing self-taught requires a lot of discipline and passion. Both traits are essential if you want to be successful, eespecially with a startup business.

Know Your Worth.

Do not undervalue yourself. We tend to be very careful with our decisions if we feel that we can’t back them with proof of success.

The result: People apply for the wrong position only to get a foot on the ladder of success.

Build Your Portfolio.

In the beginning, you obviously still need amazing examples of your work in order to impress your potential clients. Later on, you can still use them to wow your customers but building them in the first place requires a lot of work and dedication.

Take action today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

A portfolio may consists of the following items:

1. A personal website, where you showcase your own projects.
2. Several accounts on popular websites to connect & present your work.

Since the internet offers the easiest but also most efficient solutions to upload and showcase any type of work, you should definitely use it to your advantage.

No matter if you are an artist, web developer or designer: A website is the most professional way to introduce yourself.

Master Your Craft.

Life is a journey and you definitely want to keep improving your knowledge along the way.
In our modern days, everything changes quickly, right in front of our eyes.

Adapt to change and don’t fear to be flexible.

This is especially important regarding your skills.
Remember, that as an entrepreneur, you will face a lot of competition.
Make sure to stay ahead of your competitors.

Offer the best solutions for your target customers and you will land new jobs at a much higher rate.

Do you still have trouble landing your first client?

Try to analyze the needs of your potential customers. Are they already buying products or services from a specific company? What sets their company apart from the competition?

You can learn a lot about the needs of clients by simply observing your competitors.

Take notes and use the insight to improve your own business.

Another way of landing a client easily, is to find charity organisations that are in need of help.
You will most likely not earn any money but they are usually willing to mention your name or website along with the project.

Since charity organisations tend to get a lot of attention, you might get refered to a supporting company that is in need of your skills as well.

This can result in a win-win situation for both sides.

Final Thoughts.

Landing your first client might seem like an overwhelming task but if you pay attention to the topics mentioned above, you are prepared to maximize your chances.

Always remember: Once you work for your first client, you will be happy that you tried in the first place and it’s usually a sign for a great start as an entrepreneur.

Think positive and use your skills to amplify your results.

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