Gmail Tips: Organize Your Inbox!

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I have a question for you:

How much do you actually know about Gmail?
Truth is, there are quite a few essential options and features available.
Surprisingly though, a lot of people are not aware of them.

Here’s a secret…

These Gmail Tips Will Make Your Life Easier!

Personally, I didn’t research a lot of the available settings in the past either – what a mistake!
Part of it was the belief that I wouldn’t need any of them.

However, you will be surprised about what follows now:

In this post, I’m going to share five gmail tips with you! We will start with the basics such as design layouts and move on to email organization.

Let’s get started!

1#: Set a different theme in Gmail.

While this first feature only changes the visual aspect of your gmail layout, it can definitely enhance your email experience. Let’s be honest: Who likes to stare at a white page all day?

In order to set a different theme, all you have to do is:

  1. Click on the gear box at the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click on “Themes“, which is located below “Settings“.
  3. Pick your favorite theme

Info: There will be a selection of pre-defined themes for you to choose from.
However, you can also upload your own image and set it as a background as well.
Simply locate the “My Photos” button on the bottom left of the pop-up screen.

2#: How To Add & Delete Tabs In Gmail.

Another great setting, which most people are not aware of, is the tab organizer in Gmail.
Let’s say you don’t like the “Social” addition at the top:

  1. Simply click on the little “+” sign next to the “Promotions” tab.
  2. In the pop-up window, disable the check marks for the specific tab
    that you want to hide or add.
  3. Hit the blue “Save” button and you’re done.

Easy isn’t it? I can’t even remember how many people have been asking me about this feature alone before.

3#: *Star* Important Emails In Gmail.

Every now and then you might receive a really important mail.
It could be a message from your boss or a neat resource list from your favorite blog that you subscribed to.

However, if you keep them in the regular “Primary” inbox, things can get cluttered easily.
The result: You will most likely loose track of important messages.

That’s where the “Starred” feature comes into play:

  1. Locate your important email in the inbox.
  2. Click on the little “Star” icon, which is located right next to each
  3. Find your starred emails in the “Starred” folder, located in the
    options to the very left. (Beneath the grey “Compose” button.)

4#: How To Archive Emails In Gmail.

In case you don’t want specific messages to be deleted, then you can archive them.
The “Archive” feature will send every message straight to the “All Mail” menu.

You can easily archive any mail by right-clicking on it.
Simply choose “Archive” and you are set!

5#: What Is BCC In Gmail?

Using BCC is probably one of the most underestimated gmail tips by far.
You may want to send a group email every now and then. However, in most cases, you may not want every recipient to see each other mail addresses. This can have various reasons, the most important one: Privacy.

The solution? BCC:

  1. Click on “Compose” to create a new email.
  2. In the “New Message” tab, locate the “BCC” option to the right of
    the window.
  3. Enter all the email addresses that are supposed to receive your

Note: In order to make the BCC option work, you have to add your own email address in the “To” field for that specific message! (That’s where you usually put the email of the person that is supposed to receive your mail)

Final Words.

I hope you learned something new from these gmail tips!
I will add even more to this post in the future, so make sure to bookmark this page if you want to stay updated.

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