20 Incredible & Free Stock Photo Websites.

As a blogger or website owner you can most likely relate:
Finding royalty free stock images can be quite a hassle.

Luckily, there are several incredible free stock photo websites out there, even though it’s hard to find them. I did the research and created a list of the best ones on the world wide web.

Usually we have to differentiate between two types of stock images:

Those that require an attribution and those who don’t.

This list keeps the requirement for attributions in mind, so you can easily keep track of it.

Let’s get started!

1#: Picjumbo.

picjumbo, royalty free stock images, creative commons photos

Picjumbo is one of my “go-to” stock photo websites.
The images are listed in categories ranging from topics such as Fashion, Food & Nature.
There is no attribution required and the website is fairly easy to navigate.

2#: FreeImages.

freeimages.com, royalty free images and photos for commercial usage

If you are looking for one of the largest online directories regarding royalty-free photos, FreeImages is your bet.
With more than 400.000 active photos, you will never run out of content to use for your projects.
Luckily, it’s searchable as well so that you can find exactly what you need.
The attribution requirement can vary depending on each individual file though.

3#: MorgueFile.

morguefile, free stock images of landscapes, people and more

A rather traditional open-source image website. Users can upload their own photos and provide them for free.
The license type of each file is listed in the information section.
Generally, you are allowed to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work.
However, you are prohibited to use the work in a stand alone fashion.

4#: Picography.

picography, free hi-resolution photos

The minimalist of all the stock image websites. A gallery of professional images in a random order.
You can’t search specifically for categories or topics but since the quality of the content is amazing, you will most likely find something useful. Picography also doesn’t require an attribution.

5#: New Old Stock.

New Old Stock, vintage photos from public archives, no copyright restrictions

Are you interested in antique photos that just have that special something?
Look no further! New Old Stock offers probably the most interesting stock images you will ever find. You can’t search the site but there is no attribution required.

6#: Public Domain Archive.

public domain archive of free high resolution stock images.

The website title gives it away: An online archive for public domain photos.
Use them for personal or commercial projects.
You can’t perform a search, however there are some general topics which you can check out:
The website seperates modern and vintage photos in two categories.
No attribution required.

7#: Little Visuals.

royalty free stock photos for personal and commercial use, little visuals

Little Visuals provides high quality, carefully selected stock photos.
The library is not as big as some of the others, but the images are very unique and useful.
The main theme is landscape and nature. There is no attribution required either.

8#: Getrefe.

getrefe stock photos, free tumblr photos

A tumblr blog that focuses on royalty-free landscape photos: Getrefe features beautiful images of landscapes in Europe. The navigation is straight forward and there is no attribution required.

9#: Pixabay.

images for commercial use on pixabay, free download photos

Have you ever wanted to browse a stock photo website that offers an incredible search and category feature of incredibly beautiful images? You will love Pixabay!
There is no need for an attribution regarding most of the pictures but it’s always best to read the details.

10#: StockSnap.

high resolution pictures for free on stocksnap

StockSnap.io is a modern and elegant website with a great overview of all the available stock images.
The search bar is right at the top, so you can immediately start browsing for your desired photos.

11#: Gratisography.

royalty free images by ryan mcguire

This website publishes royalty-free photos that were all made by the photographer Ryan McGuire.
The images are very unique and there are quite a few funny motives, so if you are looking for rather original stock photos, you will be happy about Gratisography.

12#: SuperFamous.

high quality pictures of landscapes, superfamous

Don’t mind attributing the photographer? You should definitely check out SuperFamous then.
The website features high quality images of landscapes, architecture and many more which you can use for both personal and commercial purposes as long as you credit the author.

13#: IM Free.

free image resources for commercial use

A collection of several free resources that you can use for commercial projects.
Due to the fact that all of the images are curated from different sources, they may require attribution. IM Free is also searchable.

14#: Jay Mantri.

free images by photographer jay mantri

Another website run by a photographer to provide you with amazing stock photos.
Jay Mantri publishes seven images every week under the creative commons license.

15#: Splitshire.

perfect stock images by photographer Daniel Nanescu

If you can’t get enough of royalty-free images, make sure to check out Splitshire.
Daniel Nanescu publishes all of his work as free for both personal and commercial usage.
The website has a great category section with highly demanded topics.

16#: Unsplash.

original stock images from Unsplash.

Unsplash is another website with highly original stock images.
If you are tired of using the same images over and over, you should definitely have a look at their selection!
All of the images are published under the creative commons public domain license.

17#: Life Of Pix.

Leeroy advertising agency in Montreal, royalty free photos

The Leeroy advertising agency in Montreal & their photographers are responsible for the amazing stock images that you will find on Life Of Pix. There are no copyright restrictions and you can simply scroll through the selection of images.

18#: Death To The Stock Photo.

receive a fresh pack of images every month, royalty-free

If you rather prefer stock photos to be sent to your inbox, Death To The Stock Photo is your perfect choice:
You will receive a fresh pack of images every month with amazing stories to match.
This website has their own license type which you can read about on their homepage.

19#: SnapWire.

seven hand-picked stock images every seven days

SnapWire publishes seven hand-picked stock images every seven days for free usage.
The site is not searchable but has an easy, scrollable layout.

20#: Lock & Stock Photos.

royalty free images under the creative commons license

Lock & Stock provides royalty free images under the creative commons license by the photographer AJ Montpetit. You can also sign up for a weekly email newsletter, where you will receive a pack of exclusive photos and other goodies.

Final Thoughts.

No matter if you are a seasoned blogger or just started working on your first online project:
Stock Images are always important and can spice up any website, blog or gallery.
There are a lot of paid solutions as well but some of them charge more than 10$ for an individual photo.

Therefore, it’s a great alternative to check out some of the free solutions mentioned above.
Visiting the websites listed in this article will help the site owners to continue publishing new content for free. It’s a win-win situation, so if you like any of the sites, please share this post with your friends and colleagues, thank you!

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