Free Business Tools: A Complete List.

free business tools for small businesses

If you are looking for the best free business tools online, you will LOVE this guide.

I carefully researched & tested the best free business tools.
The majority of them are my personal favorites as well.

Grab yourself a coffee and have fun browsing!

1#: Google Analytics.

If you have a website, this is a must-have. It is often overlooked but measuring your website statistics is important.

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2#: Dropbox.

The number one online storing & syncing solution.
Access your files via different devices or share it with collaborators:
Cloud-based productivity at it’s finest.
The free plan offers 2GB storage.

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If you want to sell digital products online, is the best solution.
They offer a very easy & intuitive interface and you can upload and manage your products for free.
The Payement process is automated as well.

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4#: MailChimp.

The best free newsletter solution. Very easy to use and they offer a variety of customization options for your next newsletter campaign. The free plan is available for up to 2000 subscriptions.

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One of the best remote control access tools on the web.
They offer a free version and you can manage your desktop from any computer with an internet connection.

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6#: SurveyMonkey.

Did you ever want to run a survey but didn’t know where to start?
SurveyMonkey is the easiest & fastest way to survey your target market.
They offer both free & paid plans.

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Score is a non-profit organisation which offers free business tools and templates designed for entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for startup or marketing resources, they got you covered.

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8#: PayHip.

Payhip is a online store solution similiar to Sellfy but they primarily focus on selling eBooks.
The biggest advantage:
They take care of paying VAT on your behalf which is especially useful with the new European laws!

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9#: Etsy.

If you want to sell handmade goods, this is your website. Enough said.
This is probably by far the most popular online store solution in this particular niche.

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10#: Wordcount.

If you are writing eBooks or blog articles, you definitely want to know about your word count and most importantly: The keyword density. Wordcounter provides even more features though:
How many words, characters, sentences and paragraphs are included in your text? Now you know the answer!

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11#: Buffer.

Sharing your content on social media is important practice, especially for SEO purposes. However, it tends to take a lot of time managing different accounts and profiles.
Buffer solves this problem by allowing you to share a post through several social media profiles all at once. Nice!
The free account allows up to two accounts, you can however switch plans anytime if you are satisfied and need more.

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12#: E.ggtimer.

This free handy tool will allow you to set a timer in your browser tab which shows you the remaining time until a set date. This is a very useful business tool if you want to establish a deadline for a project to maintain productivity. When the deadline is crossed, the tab will automatically open again with an alarm sound.

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If you use graphics in your work, you definitely want to take care of proper image optimization. is a neat tool that compresses your image file without sacrificing quality.
You can compress up to 90% in some cases! Try it yourself:

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Sharing links is a great way to promote your content on the web.
However, the link length can sometimes end up being ridiciously long. shortens these links for you: Simply paste your desired link and let do the magic! Incredibly useful for social media sites such as Twitter, where you have a finite amount of free characters!

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Do you want to know what your audience is looking for?
Keyword analysis is a very important topic for SEO purposes if you want to be found on the web. is a new free alternative to Google Analytics and allows you to not only find profitable keywords for Google but also Youtube.

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16#: WeTransfer.

If you have a business, chances are you need to share files and data with other people on the regular. Sharing your files in a safe and easy manner can be a difficult task, considering the amount of alternatives out there that don’t live up to their hype.

WeTransfer is different: Simply select the file, add the email adress of the recipent and your own to recieve a notification. Done.
Alternatively, you can also attach a note. The free plan offers up to 2GB per message which is enough in most cases.

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17#: Feedly.

Do you read a lot of blogs? Chances are you do and if that’s the case the amount of your favorites can add up very fast. The result: It’s difficult to keep track of all of them.
Feedly helps you to organize the news feeds of your favorite websites and blogs. Create a free account and enjoy as many content additions as you like. Similiar to most free offers, they also provide paid plans as an alternative but it’s not manditory to enjoy their core features.

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Final Words.

This list will be updated in the future so make sure to check back every now and then or save the page to your favorites. Are you looking for more resources? Read further:

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