7 Mistakes You’re Making on Facebook.

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“Networking is an essential part of building wealth.”

Every business person understands the meaning of this statement.
Personally, my own opportunities grow every single time that I focus on actually improving my network.

However, networking online needs to be treated much differently than connecting with people in everyday life.

Why? Look:

Grabbing the attention of others is a very essential but dangerous topic, because it’s easy to make crucial mistakes that can ruin your opportunities and reputation.

This is especially true for Facebook.

Today, I will highlight some of the biggest mistakes that you could possibly do when promoting your business on Facebook and how to avoid them.

1#: You Don’t Invest Time In Reaching Out To Your Target Customers.

When people think of trying to become successful on the internet, they usually refer to establishing a huge audience.

While it is true that a lot of followers result in a lot of views potentially,
solely focusing on numbers instead of quality connections, is a mistake:

People want to share content that makes them appear interesting or funny.

If your friend list mainly consists of random people, the chance that your product, article or service meets their interest, is very low.

What to do instead:

Similiar to networks that encourage a more personal approach when networking, (such as LinkedIn) you need to spend more time actively reaching out to people and establish a relationship on Facebook.

Think of it this way:

Most people only send out friend requests on Facebook to enlarge their friend list but not their actual network.

While it is true that a decent amount of friends will make you appear more reputable, it’s only effect relies on a first impression.

That’s not enough!

If you are serious about increasing your potential outreach, you will need to make sure that the people in your friend list are aware of you.

They need to know what you do, who you are and what you stand for.

In order to highlight this further, I have a question for you:

Let’s imagine a friend of yours has a specific problem and asks if you knew someone on Facebook that offers a solution in a specific niche, focusing on providing solutions for this very problem, would you be able to think of anyone?

If nobody comes to your mind while being asked, your “network” apparently did not try hard enough to leave a lasting impression on you.

However, the same applies to each and everyone of us:

If your network is not even aware of what you are specialized in, you will have a hard time gaining new opportunities.

Out of all the hundreds or maybe even thousands of friends on Facebook, how many of your business relevant contacts actually left a serious impression on you?

Something to think about.

2#: Your Profile Is Not Professional (Enough)

“Perception lies in the eye of the beholder.”

While the above statement is surely true, there are certain aspects which will ALWAYS play a huge role in how you are being perceived.

The most obvious mistakes, which are unfortunately still being made by a lot of people, is uploading “bad” profile and header images.

but how do we define “bad”?

Bad profile and header images share the following similarities:

1. Low Quality
2. Non-Optimized Images (Certain Elements are cut out or not shown)
3. Not relevant to your target audience
4. Too Generic

What to do instead:

1. If you use images from the web, pay attention to the quality.

2. Facebook has certain dimensions: Keep that in mind for optimizing your image resolution. This can also have an impact on quality.

3. As a business, your account should represent you in the most professional and appealing way possible. Hiring a graphic designer can be very beneficial as well.
You can find them cheap on websites such as Fiverr.com.

4. It is easy to choose a similiar design like a competitor: Remember your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Try new ideas if you feel it will benefit your appearance and adjust accordingly over time.

Generally speaking, you can apply the solutions mentioned above to both personal accounts that you use for networking and fan pages.

3#: You Don’t Get Involved In Facebook Groups.

If you are using a personal account, (not a fan page) you probably already noticed that you can create and join groups.

Facebook groups can be highly beneficial if you know how to use them to your own advantage.

What I mean by that is the following:

Promote yourself the RIGHT way!

How? Let me explain it to you by first of all telling you about what you should NOT do when interacting with groups:

1. Do not spam. This might seem obvious but there is more to it than one might think:

Normally, people would consider someone a spammer by posting the exact same message in the same group/s over and over again to stay on top of the group live feed.

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely true and you should avoid this at all costs, but spamming can also refer to the way you articulate yourself.

I will give you an example:

“Check out my super amazing product!!!!! It’s the best out there!!!”

What we can learn from the above is the following:

1. Never use multiple punctuation marks
2. Never tell people directly what to do: You will appear desperate for attention which usually puts people off.
3. Rhetorically speaking, using exaggerations is rarely useful unless you can really convince the reader with solid arguments or an impressive infographic,etc.

As long as you make sure to write an engaging post that grabs the attention of the reader without being too pushy, you are halfway there.

Bonus Tip:

Adding a nice promo graphic that goes along with your post can not only compliment the message that you want to get across but also serve as an eye catcher.

We just covered how to be active in groups by taking the initiative but we can also engage with other people and (hopefully) improve our network.

If you want to interact with other users in a Facebook group, just make sure to pay attention to the most important rule when networking.

You might ask, what’s the rule? Look:

If you want other people to pay attention to your product/service, you will need to have a good reason to convince them by helping them in return.

How can we do that?

Here is a little task that you can try:

1. Find a post in a Facebook group that is relevant to you or genuinely interests you.
2. Either reply or message that person that you really liked what they shared and also mention briefly why.
3. Repeat this several times and I guarantee you that some will reply to you.

In case you get a reply from that person, you are pretty much free to respond how you like. You could either let them know that you also just recently worked on a similiar project and ask for their opinion or try to establish a connection with them if they could benefit you in the future.

Believe me, this strategy can go a long way especially if you are persistent.

4#: You Forget That Facebook Is A Social Networking Platform.

“How could I forget that?”, you might want to ask.

I’m refering to your overall engagement on Faceook.

Did you know that conversating with other people on your business account doesn’t always have to be about business relevant topics at all?

Next time you refresh the main page, try looking for something interesting or funny that one of your friends posted and interact with their status.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, the most important aspect about social networking is to always be present in the mind of your network.

If you see a funny post, engage in a humorous way.
Your friend asks a question about a topic you know of? Let them know.

I think you get it. Engagement goes a long way on Facebook and a basic small talk about a generic topic can result in new opportunities.

5#: You Publish Wrong Content.

Posting new content on your Facebook timeline is fairly easy but similiar to the group postings, you want to make sure that whatever you are trying to share makes sense:

Some businesses think that only sharing a status about their new product every day for a week is going to improve their outreach which is not how it works.

It is proven that people dislike fan pages that only ever try to hard sell their products or services.

A general rule of thumb is to be persistent with your posts on Facebook but adding variety to your individual updates.

Nobody wants to read the same message over and over again for weeks to come, especially if it’s about the same topic.

What to do instead:

1. If you want to promote a certain product, always make sure to write individual text and add variety to it. Do NOT copy & paste!
2. In between your promotion posts, ask your fans & followers what they like most about you or your product/services.
3. If you have the necessary resources, you might also want to create a contest for your fan page that you can share through your account.

If you haven’t seen contests on Facebook before, I will give you a quick explanation on how you can use them to grab more attention for your business through the website:

First of all, you need to determine a price.
As soon as you are ready to get started, you need to define the requirements for people to enter your contest.

Generally, you would ask your fans to share or comment on the post and in return they are eligible to join.

When you have enough participants, you can choose a winner.
If you need help with that, you can try this free online tool that picks a winner randomly, which is called: Random Name Picker by miniwebtool.

Contests are a great way to create a lot of interaction with your fanpage and your brand since people always like to win something.

In return, you will benefit from the attention and you can rest assured, that your outreach will increase.

Most companies use this method occasionally to further improve their interaction with the people that access their fan page.

Final Words.

Social Networks can be a useful tool in your marketing mix – if you know how to use them to your advantage!

Always remember to make yourself and your fan page look interesting enough and avoid spamming at all cost!
(Both in terms of quantity and quality of your postings.)

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