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If you ever created a promotional video for a project, you will know the struggle: Research, editing and adding the right effects are just a few of your tasks if you want to create a professional presentation.

However, a video needs more than just the visuals.
Suitable music is oftentimes even more important when it comes to creating the right atmosphere.

Luckily, finding the best royalty free music that you can use without worrying about legalities and pricing is not an issue anymore, thanks to:

Creative Commons Music

Recently, I wrote a post about the 20 best websites for free graphic resources.

Today, I will introduce you to a few of my favorite go-to websites regarding music, that you can use in your projects, even commercially.

You should definitely review each license carefully though, since even creative commons music may be prohibited for commercial use in some rare cases.

Yes, you read that right: The term royalty-free does not necessarily mean that you can simply download it free of charge. Oftentimes, it is merely refering to the clearance of any royalty fees that may apply when using them in commercial matters.
Sometimes, the fee clearance is only granted by purchasing a license in the first place.

All of the websites that are listed down below offer free downloads for their music under a creative commons license or public domain, that you can use for both non-commercial and commercial projects in most cases.

The only requirement: An attribution.

Let’s get started!

1#: RoyaltyFreebies

royaltyfreebies, download royalty free music for commercial projects for free

If you are looking for creative commons music that is especially suitable for business and commercial usage, you will be glad to visit RoyaltyFreebies.

They have a growing collection of high quality music and only require you to mention them in the credits. That’s it!
You can also listen to a preview of each track to make sure that it suits your needs before downloading it.

A great advantage is the easy navigation. It’s by far one of the most convenient layouts I have seen in a while.

The entire music catalog is accessible on the front page and you only have to click one button to download the music to your hard drive. Sweet!

2#: Soundcloud

A lot of musicians use Soundcloud to promote their songs but did you know that this website has a lot of creative commons music to offer as well?

Simply type in “creative commons music” in the search bar on top and you will be amazed by all of the free gems that you can find!

In most cases, a simple attribution will allow you to use the music even for commercial projects but always make sure to check the license.

3#: Free Music Archives

If you are looking for a huge library of creative commons music that gets updated frequently, you will love Free Music Archives.

The music is listed by categories which makes it easy to search for specific genres and styles.

You should definitely read about the individual license types on each page to make sure that you are allowed to use the music in commercial projects though.

4#: Youtube

Another great source for royalty free music, which you can use free of charge, is Youtube.

Youtube actually provides every content creator with an option to publish their videos under a creative commons license. The same applies to audio material.

If you never thought of browsing the website for the best royalty free music, you will be amazed by the variety that you can find.

Just type in a search term such as “copyright free music” and you can start looking for a suitable soundtrack.

Don’t forget to check if the uploader listed the video and it’s content under the appropriate license in order to be safe for commercial use.

If at doubt, you can also message the creators and ask for their permission, as many of them provide an email adress or a link to their website.

Did You Know?

In case you are planning on uploading your video to Youtube anyway, you can simply use their very own library of free tracks.
This feature was introduced a while ago and allows every video creator to use the music for free to avoid any copyright claim issues!

5#: Incompetech

This website was one of the first of this kind and provides a massive library of free music for commercial use to this day.

A neat feature of Incompetech is the ability to browse categories based on the mood and instruments.

An attribution is required in order to use the instrumental tracks legally.

6#: Twitter

Yep, even Twitter works well for creative commons music.
Type in any keyword that is related to royalty-free audio and you will find an overwhelming amount of links from music authors that share their music. In most cases even for commercial use!

Please note that you need a free account before you can start using the search function though.

7#: Opsound is another online library for free music and according to their license information, every track that is released on their website can be downloaded free for any type of project. (Commercial usage included)

You can’t search the website for particula keywords, but they provided a category with links to music sorted by tags, genres and artists.

8:# Freepd

Freepd is an online library of public domain music.
If you are not familiar with the term: Public domain music belongs to a category of intellectual property where no rights are being claimed.
(Most of the time, because the authors of the initial works are dead since more than 70-100 years)

Thus, in most cases you can use them for your own projects as well.

Make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the website regarding further questions about usage.

Public domain music tends to sound rather “unique” in the way that it oftentimes wouldn’t be refered to as “commercial music”.

However, if that doesn’t bother you, feel free to browse through the selection of free music and maybe you will find the next best piece for your project?

Final Words

Music for commercial purpose does not have to be expensive.
In fact: You can find free music with licenses that even allow you to include them in your final work to generate income.

Always make sure to review the individual license types and you will be safe.

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