Believe In Yourself! (Ft. Eric Thomas)

I’ve got a question for you: How many hours a day do you invest in your business?
And by business, I’m not refering to a day job: I’m talking about your true passion – your calling, your purpose?

Believe In Yourself!

Your personal brand is your most important asset in 2015 – are you taking good care of it?

motivational believe in yourself quotes for entrepreneurs

But what seperates the doubters from the makers?

For me personally, it is all about work ethic. But in order to fuel your work ethic, you need a natural drive – a passion. If you don’t have one, you will run into a problem: The downward spiral.

Look at it this way:

Most people spend the majority of the day, working at a jobs that don’t personally benefit them.
They try to improve in a field that doesn’t even interest them.
Even worse: Some people might even despise their work but do it anyway – because of the cash.

You might argue that there are times when you have no other options.
However, the ultimate goal should always be to pursue a field of work that you are extremly interested in – and thus, working to become extremly good at. Believe In Yourself!

Working at a job that doesn’t accelerate your passion will burn you out.
You can literally feel how your enegery levels are decreasing with every passing hour.
The result: You will become uninspired, lazy and depressed.

Soon enough, you will need a vacation for the sake of your own mind – which will cost your entire hard-earned savings, just so you can repeat the circle next year.
No need to mention, that you will most likely not truly enjoy it anyway. Soon enough, you deliver less quality than the next guy – which will make you easily replacable.

You literally loose everything of value: Time, Potential & Opportunities.

Life is way to short for that – surround yourself with successful people, read a lot and put yourself in a position to achieve your dreams. When to start? Now!

This week’s Monday Motivation features motivational speakers such as Eric Thomas and Jaret Grossman.

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