Buy Websites: 9 Places To Buy And Sell Websites.

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Have you ever dreamed about owning a successful online business but you simply didn’t have the time or means to establish one yourself yet?

Maybe you are the owner of a successful website and you are looking for potential buyers in order to sell your business for capital?

Whatever applies to you: Website Investment will be of your interest!

Luckily, there are countless websites out there where you can buy and sell established websites but it takes some research to find the safest and most reliable services.

Today, I compiled the best 9 places to buy and sell websites. Enjoy!

1#: Flippa

flippa buy and sell websites, domains and apps

In my opinion, Flippa is one of the most reliable sites to purchase and sell websites. One of the advantages is the diversity of available businesses: You can either purchase starter websites, established websites, domains or even apps!

On top of that, they offer Escrow as a payment service (besides Paypal and Paypal Escrow), which secures both the buyer and the seller.

You still need to be very careful and analyze the project of your interest upfront. Low price websites tend to attract more fraud sellers. Determine the potential risk, average net worth and verified data in order to make the best decision.

Due dilligence is the keyword here.

The level of transparency on their site is much higher compared to a lot of competitors though.

You can expect to find information about Verified Adsense & Analytics but also revenue sources, site type and even if your potential future website is unique or based on an easy-to-replicate template. Sweet!

2#: EmpireFlippers

empireflippers, buy and sell websites

EmpireFlippers focuses on quality instead of quantity. Every website will be thoroughly checked by the site owners prior to the public listing, which provides a layer of security. Therefore only the most promising offers will be presented.

You can view most of the information upon visitng the site, however you need to make a deposit of 5% of the listing price in order to actually view the website link.

This protects both the buyer and the seller by keeping people away from duplicating website concepts. Definitely worth checking out!

As said before though, you should verify the data yourself to be certain.

3#: BuySellWebsite

buysellwebsite, sell and buy websites

The third place to sell and buy websites in this list is BuySellWebsite. Their layout is very simple and minimalistic which makes it easier to keep track of the different details.

This site has no comment or rating section on active offers, so please make sure to be very careful and use your own judgement when contemplating to buy a website.

One of their advantages is, that they provide some basic online tools below every important detail in order for you to further analyize the stats.

4#: WebsiteBroker

websitebroker, buy and sell domains

Another site which is fairly easy to navigate and divides the available websites in categories based on their niche.

On WebsiteBroker, you can buy/sell both domains and established sites. There is not as much variety of active offers, but it’s definitely worth a try!

5#: Aquasites

aquasites, buy turnkey websites and adsense micro niche websites

The fifth website brokerage service is very interesting:

Aquasites offers three different main categories:


  • Turnkey Websites
  • Established Websites
  • AdSense MicroNiche Websites

If you are not familiar with the term turnkey websites, click here for an instructional guide.

Whether you are looking for established sites that already generate a steady income or if you rather want to kickstart your own site with a professional setup, this website has got you covered!

6#: Latonas

latonas, buy and sell websites with brokerage

This is an amazing website! Easy-to-use interface, verified data and tools to help you with due diligence and a search bar with a lot of advanced options: Latonas has it all!

You can even get a dedicated broker to assist you in the process, as well as transfer guidance for your website.

7#: Sedo

sedo, buy and sell domains, domain parking

If you are particularly interested in domains, Sedo is a reliable choice. The site exists for a while now and is specialized in buying, selling and parking domains.


8#: BusinessesForSale


Another site that you can try, is called BusinessesForSale.

While they primarily focus on bricks and mortar businesses, you can also sell and buy websites. In order to get started right away, visit this link to conduct a direct search:

Make sure to select “Tech & Media” under “Sector” and “Internet” under the “Sub Sector” to find web-based businesses.

9#: DealASite



If you are looking for another alternative compared to the options mentioned above, you should consider DealASite.

The navigation is fairly easy and they have a huge category section, which also includes popular search terms such as Pagerank.

Bonus Tip: Buy/Sell In Forums.

Besides online services and websites, you can also try forums that specialize in a similiar topic. There is usually a dedicated segment to offering and purchasing sites.

A general rule of thumb:

Before actually trying to sell or buy websites in a forum, make sure to engage with the community first:

Publish some posts, give feedback and after a week or two, you should have enough credibility to get started.

I created a short list with some of the more popular forums for you to check out here:

  • – also offers great tips on how to make money online with ads and affiliates, definitely worth a look!
  • – popular, but you need to meet certain requirements before getting started.
  • – a very big site which states to be the largest community of domainers.

Final Words

There are many ways to sell and buy websites online.

However, it is always important to do due diligence yourself and double check any information that is provided by the seller.

In case you are planning on obtaining a larger website, which might cost you 4-5 figures, it is always a great idea to contact a legal consultant or broker. That way, you can work on providing a contract which will secure the transaction.

In Addition, you should carefully check trademarks to make sure you are not infringing another business.

Stay clear of websites that contain obvious brand names in their domains such as Facebook, Youtube or iTunes.

Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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