8 Exceptional Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs.

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We all deal with procrastination in our everyday life. Some people suffer from it more frequently than others but the truth is: There are solid ways to overcome your procrastination patterns without investing too much effort. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s have a look.

Good And Bad Habits.

Habits can be either a blessing or a curse. Most of the time we don’t even realize that our habits play a huge role in our procrastination. The reason is simple: Habits are hardly noticable.

However, there is hope. It’s called “Routines”.

Believe it or not, but establishing productive routines during your work time, will eventually result in a habit itself: A good one at last.

Routines can be easily implemented whenever you carry out regular tasks.
Our brain notices the similarity in our work pattern and it will turn into a routine.

Next time you go into your office, you immediately know what to do and start picking up minor tasks that need to be done, even if you are unaware of the situation.

This method is destined to turn you into a productive force to be reckoned with.

For example, creating certain rules for a specific task, such as opening or answering emails, will drastically improve your efficency.

It’s All About The Body Rhythm.

Do you like getting up early in the morning? How about working late at night?
Everyone of us has a different body rhythm and it’s crucial to determine when you have the highest energy level to complete tasks and be creative.

You should totally organize your entire day around your body for this matter.
Most of the time we differentiate between complex and small tasks during work.

You should therefore always complete demanding projects during the times you have the highest motivation and energy levels. Save those small tasks for your downtimes which happens to be around the afternoon for most people.

Plan Your Day.

In a recent article, I discussed the importance of a productivity planner and why you definitely need one. You can even download it for free.

If you plan your day before starting to work, you will be twice as productive.
However, it can be quite a challenging task which is why you should consider it in the morning.

Prioritize your work and determine the most complex project first. Continue to list all the other tasks in a descending manner. This will help you regain perspective and focus on what really matters first.

It’s worth mentioning, that you should always try to combine tasks which share the same approach. Finishing similiar tasks in a row will be much more comfortable than going back and forth. Thanks to your productivity planner, this shouldn’t happen anymore anyway.

Take Smart Breaks.

During work, you will obviously take breaks. There are a few important things to consider though: Your brain should rest. Therefore, avoid using your phone or laptop during breaks.

Instead, take a walk or chat with your colleagues. You are already working in front of a screen most of the time, so at least avoid them when you can.


While multi-tasking can be a great trait in certain circumstances, avoid mixing up several tasks, especially when you already feel stress out.

Every task should get the right amount of attention and multi-tasking is most likely going to confuse you sooner or later. The result: You forget what’s important and start procrastinating again.

Write Down Ideas.

Have you ever been in a situation before, where you simply couldn’t focus because of your thoughts running wild? This happens to the best of us and is actually a great situation to take advantage of:

Write down your ideas on a piece of paper. They don’t have to make sense but writing them down will help you get these thoughts of your mind. Later, you can connect the dots and who knows, maybe you encounter a great business idea?

The Philosophy Of Urgency.

When you are facing a lot of work and feel overwhelmed, ask yourself the following question:
What project really matters right now? This will lead you to starting the project with the highest priority.

We usually make the mistake of beginning any task which pops up because we feel it must be urgent therefore. This is not even the case most of the time, so be critical and really ask yourself what matters.

An urgent project might not always be important, while an important project might not always be urgent. It is however up to you to determine the answer.

Is Your Task Boring? Make It Fun!

One of the main reasons for procrastination is an unchallenging task.
It might be repetitive or simply feels like no major accomplishment.

If that’s the case, find out what could enhance the experience and make it more worthwhile.
Do you like listening to music? If your favorite song can motivate you to be more energized, listen to it while you are working.

Final Thoughts.

Procrastination is the biggest productivity killer known to man.
However, if you understand what causes procrastination and take advantage of the situation with these helpful tips, you are on a good way to improve your effiency.

If it doesn’t work right away, don’t worry though: Procrastination is also known to be a great indicator for problems: Maybe the project you are working on isn’t that important after all?
Is the project even suitable for your particular business and skills?

The answers to these questions can be very helpful, so pay attention to your body signs.

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