5 Opportunities To Improve Your Business.

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If you are working as a freelancer or generally have a lot of freedom regarding your time management, you might want to think about new ways and opportunities to improve your business.

Actually, there are so many options out there, that it would be difficult to list them all in one post.
However, today I want to introduce you to the most recent strategies that have worked for me and I hope they are useful for you as well.

Chase vs. Attraction.

Most of the time we are so busy chasing our potential clients, that we completly ignore the opportunities to attract them. Your mindset is key in this regard.

The next time a client approaches you with his needs, avoid forcing to sell yourself.
Instead, answer their inquiry as a professional in your field.

The client came to you and asked for your help in the first place.
You have the expertise that they are looking for, so behave like an expert in your field and give them the answer they require.

Think of it this way:

No matter your profession, as soon as you chase clients they will see you as a salesperson.
That’s the last thing you want to represent, especially with the overall bad image that is associated with the stereotype. Avoid a hard and agressive sales pitch.

You are a designer, programmer, writer,etc. | Represent your job in a professional manner and clients will view you as an expert with authority.

The Advantage Of A Downloadable Product.

As an entrepreneur, you most likely encountered the term “passive income” more than once in your life. Wouldn’t it be great to create a product which automatically sells itself, once it’s completed?

The advantage of a downloadable product is that you only need to promote it.
Showcase it on your website, send them to your email list,etc.
The possibilities are endless and so is your stream of income, once you found efficient ways to market your product.

It requires a lot of work upfront but always remember: It doesn’t require packaging or space in a store shelf. If you haven’t created your own digital product yet, I would encourage you to give it a shot.

Dealing With Horrible Clients? Fire them.

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make, is to accept every project that they can get for whatever conditions the client offers.

We all need to start somewhere and beeing too picky is definitely not an option either, however:
Never undervalue yourself.

Health always comes first.

Every self-employed business person will encounter rude and over-demanding clients at least once in their life. Of course, you want to be reasonable and offer what you promised to your clients: If you feel like you are beeing used though, listen to yourself and consider if a particular client is worth it in the long run.

It’s your business and your vision: Never let anybody ruin the joy and passion that you have for your work.

Earn money while learning.

Have you ever thought about getting paid for selling online courses?
Luckily, the internet offers those opportunities as well.

One of the amazing benefits of teaching other people, is that you will improve your own knowledge along the way as well.

There are a lot of services that offer the opportunity to sell your own courses, but Udemy is probably one of the best by far.

If you are an expert in your profession or have experience in a field that might be of interest to other people, create your own course.

You might even find affordable courses for yourself to improve in a certain field.

Make Easy Cash With Small Tasks.

Don’t worry: I’m not refering to those “earn money fast” ideas that are obviously not working.
There are indeed reliable websites though, where you can earn money by completing small tasks or offering services.

Fiverr.com is probably one of the most demanded websites in this regard.

You basically sign up and create a “gig”, which represents your product or service that you want to offer and people can order if they are interested.

Hence the name of the website, the pricing starts at 5$, which is why I would only recommend selling small and easy services or automated products, which don’t require too much of your time.
You still want to focus on your main business of course.

You will be surprised though, that it’s actually possible to make a decent income if you become a featured seller. I’m selling a few of my services at Fiverr.com and it’s a convenient source of money.

Final Thoughts.

No matter your current situation: There is always room for improvement.
I hope that the five strategies mentioned above inspire you to try some new methods to improve your business.

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