Best Royalty Free Music For Business

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If you ever created a promotional video for a project, you will know the struggle: Research, editing and adding the right effects are just a few of your tasks if you want to create a professional presentation. However, a video needs more than just the visuals. Suitable music is oftentimes even more important when it comes to creating the right atmosphere. Luckily, … [Read more...]

How To (Actually) Grow Your Business.

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Most startup businesses take the same actions when they are getting started: They study their craft, they build a website to offer their products/services, they promote their business through social media AND finally, they wait for clients. Look: While all of these steps are essential for a successful business, there is one aspect in the points that are being mentioned … [Read more...]

Popular Advice Can Destroy Your Business.

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Are you a fan of motivational quotes? I certainly am. After all, they often deliver a core message with only a few words or phrases that can challenge your way of thinking. However, some quotes better remain motivational or inspirational instead of becoming your philosophy of life and I will tell you why. Look: I'm sure you heard of this quote/advice: "Think … [Read more...]

20 Incredible & Free Stock Photo Websites.

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As a blogger or website owner you can most likely relate: Finding royalty free stock images can be quite a hassle. Luckily, there are several incredible free stock photo websites out there, even though it's hard to find them. I did the research and created a list of the best ones on the world wide web. Usually we have to differentiate between two types of stock … [Read more...]