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Content Repurposing

Content Repurposing
You need to produce consistent content if you want to build your business.
Here's how you can leverage existing content to produce more.

Step 1#

Identify your top performing content. (Most likes, comments,etc.)
What format is your top performing content? (Video, Audio,etc.)
Example: If your top performing content is a YouTube video, you want to repurpose the video into a different content format.

Step 2#

Now that you know your top performing content and its format, let's repurpose it.
Here are some ideas:Transcribe your video into a blog post.
Tip: This also works vice versa. Have a blog post? Turn it in a video!

Step 3#:

Most people don't repurpose content. The few that do often stop after step 2. Keep going!
Here are even more repurposing ideas:
Take the audio from your YouTube video and turn it into a podcast.
Always remember: We want to add value along the way.
Try to use the audio and add another segment.

Step 4#:

Running out of ideas already? Here's more!
Find the most valuable/powerful quote from your blog post
and create a catchy Instagram quote image.

Step 5#:

Take the quote and also post it on Twitter!
Pro Tip: If you already published many blog posts, go through all of them and repeat step 4.
From here, you can even create a Slideshare with your top quotes using the recommended tools listed on our site.

Step 6#:

If your content is educational and helps people, there are two more ideas for repurposing:
Simplify your posts and create a .PDF checklist as a download on your website.
Lastly, create a beautiful infographic with catchy visuals. Voila!